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Who we are and what we do:

Hospitality INC (In the Name of Christ) is a rotating homeless shelter that operates during the winter months. Although the purpose of our ministry is pretty self-explanatory, it has three main facets.

1. Our first priority is to make sure that our guests have a safe place to go for food and shelter. That through our words and actions we can display the love of Jesus. We give our guests the respect and love that they so desperately need.

2. The second thing that this ministry provides is a great opportunity for the churches to opens its doors for people that usually do not come to church. Our ministry has a great system that is safe and efficient for the church. As they open doors, we have people from our ministry that work alongside with their church volunteers. Being a Pastor, I am thrilled that my church turns into a homeless shelter a couple of weeks a year. Our nursery becomes sleeping quarters and our fellowship hall fills up with people that we usually don’t hang out with. Instead of crossing the street to avoid the different looking person coming at them, now my church members run up to them and call them by name. Instead of being afraid, we now embrace, we become led by love and not by fear. No sermon in the world could ever teach the lessons that are being taught by the guests that Hospitality INC brings in to the churches. It’s priceless!

3. This ministry also provides ministry opportunities for people that have a passion for helping those in need. We have a core group of people that work together to not only address the current needs, but to look beyond the emergency of needing room and shelter for the night. We fully understand that there are life patterns that needs to be broken in people’s lives and that our ministry only scratches the surface of the problem. But, we would rather be scratching the surface than not scratching at all.

4. There is a story of a little boy that was walking the beach with his grandpa; the storm had washed up 1000’s of starfish on the beach, if they didn’t make it back into the water they would die. The little boy started to pick up starfish and one at a time throwing them back into the water. After a while the grandpa looked at the boy and the impossible task that he had taken on, he said “you might as well stop, there are too many, no matter how much you try it’s not going to matter. The little boy looked at his grandpa, bent over and picked up another starfish and as he swung it back into the water he said: “well grandpa, it mattered to that one…”. Homelessness is a big problem. We celebrate every break through, one person at a time; it might not matter to the issue as a whole, but like the little boy said: “it mattered to that one.”

Pastor Henrik Lidman

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