Hospitality INC – Host Church Requirements

Hosting Shelter Requirements

Host Churches open their doors to provide temporary overnight shelter and meals to the homeless of our community for a week at a time.

Partner Churches come along side a Host church and assist them by providing volunteers and food at the Host church location.

Working Together! There are plenty of opportunities for us, the church, to come together and be the hands and feet of Jesus. You will want to meet several weeks before the Host churches scheduled week to discuss the needs of the Host church. Volunteer, meal and snack schedules should be created and implemented by a team from each church.

Facility Needs:
* Serving and dining area,
* Reading/Game/Relaxing area,
* Separate sleeping area for males/females,
* Separate restrooms for males/females,
* Designate a single entrance and clearly identify areas:
* Out of bounds,
* Sleeping areas, and
* Bathroom facilities.
* Designated outdoor smoking area (best if this in not at the main entrance.)

Action Items:
* Choose your week and announce to the church body,
* Appoint Coordinators:
* Volunteer Coordinator
* Food Coordinator
* Setup/Teardown Coordinator to organize your week,
* Find a Partner Church (if you need one) to assist with:
* Volunteers and Planning, and
* Meals and snacks.
* Publicize opening and closing times,
* Fire Drill/Exit Strategy, and
* Establish rules for the use of the church phone.

Hosting Church Supply List:
* Towels (if providing showers),
* Garbage bags,
* Toilet paper,
* Lysol,
* Games, puzzles, books,
* TV, DVD/VHS player, and
* Paper products for meals and snacks.

* Please do not transport anything left behind, leftovers, open food items, unclaimed clothing or bedding.

Transporting Guests:
For Host churches outside the city limits:
* transportation will have to be arranged for the guests,
*  The driver must have a valid driver’s license,
* The driver must carry a cell phone with them,
* All of the drivers must be listed on the volunteer schedule along with their cell phone number.

The pickup and drop off route is as follows:
* Meijer’s (East entrance) at 5:45pm,
* Path of Life at 5:50pm,
* Ludington Public Library (West entrance) 6pm,

It is important not to leave the pickup point early.  Please be patient.

Hospitality INC –
Meal Suggestions
Licensed kitchens:  If you are preparing meals and snacks in a licensed kitchen, you may not bring in food that has been prepared off site and serve with food prepared on site.  Volunteers may bring in items such as baked goods, snacks and salads as long as they are served separately from the foods prepared on site.

Non Licensed kitchens:  Potluck style meals prepared by volunteers in their home and transported to shelter is OK.

Keep meals and snacks simple and healthy.  Recruit individuals, ministry groups or small groups to plan a meal.  See menu suggestions below:

Served from 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Drinks (water, decaf coffee, tea, milk, juice)
Spaghetti w/meat sauce, salad, garlic bread
Pancake Supper, sausage links, fruit
Homemade Soup, salad, rolls
Goulash, salad, rolls
Meat Balls, rice, salad
Lasagna, salad, garlic bread
Sloppy Joes, potato salad, corn

Served from 8:30pm – 9:00pm
Drinks (milk, juice, decaf coffee, soda)
Granola Bars
Party Mix
Fresh Fruit (no apples)
Brownies, Cookies

Served from 7:00am – 7:30am
Drinks (milk, juice, coffee)
Fresh Fruit (no apples)
Bread for toast
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Cold Cereal
Hard Boiled Eggs
Breakfast Bar
Individual Oatmeal Packets
Sliced Breads (banana, apple, etc)
Breakfast Sandwiches
No Bagels Please